"Growing trees is as much an art as it is a science." - Becky Thomas
"When you plant a tree, you plant a legacy," - Pepper Provanzano
"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

We loved hosting the H.O.P.E. Program today at the nursery! Together with iTrees.com we spent the day teaching Horticulture students about our 2 businesses. They experienced tree production from the liner stage through the end planting stage in a customer’s yard. Thanks to Roger Purcell from J. Frank Schmidt Nursery for sharing his expertise with the students today. It was chilly but everyone got lots of hands on experience & hopefully learned a bunch!

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Spring is coming and that means Arbor Day is around the corner! We are proud to be partnering with the Village of Coal City, iTrees.com, ComEd and Trees Forever to plant trees throughout the community on Arbor Day April 27. The goal is to plant 100 trees in the community!

In 2015 Coal City was hit by a devastating tornado that took with it most of the trees throughout the community. In 2016 we worked with these same partners to plant around 100 trees throughout the community. Those trees are currently flourishing along city parkways! This spring we are joining forces again to plant trees on resident’s personal properties.

The trees for the project are grown locally at Spring Grove Nursery. A diverse species list was selected to offer a wide range of trees for residents to choose from. Before Arbor Day, iTrees.com professionals will prepare the planting locations for residents and make sure the proper tree is planted in the right spot. On Arbor Day, volunteers from ComEd, iTrees.com, Trees Forever, the Village and Spring Grove Nursery will work to plant trees throughout the community. The purchase of the trees is a joint partnership from the residents, the Village of Coal City, ComEd and Trees Forever. This is true community event!

Festivities will get underway Friday, April 27 at the Coal City United Methodist Church at 6805 E. McArdle Rd, Coal City, IL.  Volunteers will gather at 8:30am to kick off the Arbor Day event with a few speakers from ComEd & the Village of Coal City. Spring Grove Nursery & iTrees.com will give volunteers a “tree planting demo” to show the proper way to plant a tree. A volunteer team of over 140 employees from ComEd will spread around town to plant trees. The day will conclude at the Coal City Elementary school for an Arbor Day planting with students.

Arbor Day was founded by J. Sterling Morton in 1872 and is celebrated every spring around the world. Trees provide countless social, environmental and economic benefits to our communities. For more info about Arbor Day or the benefits of trees, see the attached flyers or visit www.springgrovenursery.com/resources.

We invite you to join us for this fun community event on Arbor Day. Together a great team of people will make Coal City GREEN this Arbor Day!

Happy Arbor Day!

Coal City Arbor Day 2018 Press Release

Coal City Arbor Day (3)



What a great season for tree planting we had this year in the nursery! Throughout the last few weeks we were able to get a new crop planted into the nursery for the future. The liners looked beautiful & the weather cooperated well for us. Our crews worked hard and did a great job. Our son Joey even recruited some of his varsity basketball team to spend their spring break in the nursery!

Some new varieties we are excited to be trying out this spring are Spaeth’s Alder, Emerald Avenue Pyramidal Hornbeam, Fire King American Hornbeam, Heartland Catalpa, Red Fox Katsuratree, True North Kentucky Coffeetree, Sparkling Sprite Crababpple… just to name a few.

We would like to thank our liner growers who we value as partners in our business. We planted great liners from J. Frank Schmidt Nursery, Carlton Plants,  Robinson Nursery and Kuenzi Turf & Nursery.

Please enjoy our new planting video of scenes from the field during planting. Now we are ready for some sunshine & rain!

Tune Credits “Running Down a Dream” Tom Petty

We were very proud to plant trees in Coal City with iTrees.com on Arbor Day! Together we helped coordinate a volunteer crew from ComEd & Davey Resource Group to plant 90 trees today around Coal City in tornado damaged neighborhoods. We are looking forward to watching all of our trees grow & prosper in the community. Happy Arbor Day!

For more about our Coal City Green 2016 click here!

Jamie teaching volunteers how to properly plant

Jamie teaching volunteers how to properly plant.

Newly planted trees on Broadway Street

Newly planted trees on Broadway Street

The "BEST" volunteer planting crew!

The “BEST” volunteer planting crew!

Chris & Marlee from iTrees.com

Chris & Marlee from iTrees.com

Volunteer planting crew

Volunteer planting crew.

Newly planted Emerald Sunshine Elm

Newly planted Emerald Sunshine Elm.

Planting on Broadway Street

Planting on Broadway Street.

Coal City GreenCoal City Green 2016

Arbor Day Celebration Coal City 2016

CommuniTrees Partner Program

We are very proud to announce our Coal City Green program for 2016! This year on Arbor Day, Fri Apr 29, we will be partnering with local partners iTrees.com, ComEd & Davey Resource Group to plant 90 trees across the community of Coal City.

In the wake of the devastating tornado last summer, thousands of trees were lost. Several local partners have joined together to help make Coal City GREEN again! The trees planted in the tornado destroyed neighborhoods can now begin to rise up & bring new life to the city streets. 

We also have an exciting update about the CommuniTrees Partner Program with iTrees.com! Purchases from the program last year have already begun to benefit the streets of Coal City! On this Arbor Day Spring Grove Nursery & iTrees.com will be using the trees earned through the CommuniTrees Partner Program to replant Broadway Street. We will be donating & planting trees along the stretch of Broadway that used to be lined with so many beautiful big trees. Once again, you will begin to see some new life rise up & grace your city streets.

In an effort to rebuild a healthy urban canopy, the trees have been especially selected to provide beauty & shade for many years to come. You will notice that shorter, utilityfriendly trees will be planted along the east side under the utility lines. Shade trees will line the west side. We specifically picked out a diverse selection of trees instead of lining the street with all of the same kind of trees. This will insure that the canopy will be healthy for many years to come & will not be subject to disease or pests that feed on a certain tree which might jeopardize the trees in the future. The variety of trees will also add beauty & changing features throughout the seasons. We hope that you enjoy the new canopy as it grows & flourishes along Broadway!

Please check out our links about the Coal City plantings to learn more about how you too can help Coal City grow GREEN again!