"Growing trees is as much an art as it is a science." - Becky Thomas
"When you plant a tree, you plant a legacy," - Pepper Provanzano
"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


welcomeSpring Grove Nursery is a wholesale tree nursery located in North Central Illinois.  Resting in the heart of Grundy County just south of the Chicagoland suburbs, our nursery holds a diverse and superior selection of shade, ornamental, and evergreen trees. Ready for pick-up or delivery, we offer landscape contractors, garden centers, municipalities, park districts, and landscape architects a collection of healthy specimen trees to utilize in their projects. We invite you to stop by anytime for a nursery tour or a visit.  We welcome the opportunity to show you our farm, our quality, and our service.



  • Spring Green!

    “It’s not easy being green” “Green with envy” “Love is evergreen” “The grass is always greener” “Green thumb” The list goes on and on… Green is often thought of as the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy.  The color green symbolizes balance, nature, spring, and rebirth. Green is often associated with prosperity, freshness, and progress. How many shades of green are there? According to Wikipedia there are about 74. In the … Continue reading Spring Green!

  • It’s a Farmer Thing…

    It must be a farmer thing… or probably even a 5th generation farmer thing. My favorite time of year is in the spring when my new & old crops start to come to life. I know it’s going to happen, it always does. But there is nothing like seeing those bright green buds start to swell and pop open. Within a matter of days the whole nursery comes to life, just … Continue reading It’s a Farmer Thing…

  • What’s in the Yard?

    As we harvest trees this spring from the field, we promptly bring them into our Holding Yard. Once in the yard, they are placed on drip irrigation. Throughout the season, we will ship trees that are fresh and ready to go on your projects. As we progress through the spring digging season, the trees available in our Holding Yard changes daily. So what’s in our yard so far? Lots of spring blooms! All … Continue reading What’s in the Yard?

  • Fresh Trees in from the Field!

    With clear sunny weather ahead we are in the final stages of digging & loading in the nursery!  We hope to wrap up deciduous digging by the end of this week. As we are digging, we are also bringing in trees from the field to our loading area and our holding yard. Once those trees are in from the field, we will start evergreen digging. The recent cold temps slowed … Continue reading Fresh Trees in from the Field!