"Growing trees is as much an art as it is a science." - Becky Thomas
"When you plant a tree, you plant a legacy," - Pepper Provanzano
"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

As we harvest trees this spring from the field, we promptly bring them into our Holding Yard. Once in the yard, they are placed on drip irrigation. Throughout the season, we will ship trees that are fresh and ready to go on your projects. As we progress through the spring digging season, the trees available in our Holding Yard changes daily.

So what’s in our yard so far? Lots of spring blooms! All deciduous trees are now in the Holding Yard and ornamentals are in full bloom. Here are some recent pics:

Holding Yard (9)

Holding Yard (10) Holding Yard (11)  Holding Yard (12) Holding Yard (13) Holding Yard (14) Holding Yard (15) Holding Yard (7) Holding Yard (8)Holding Yard (17) Holding Yard (18) Holding Yard (19) Holding Yard (16)

River BirchIf you need trees for projects this spring, summer, or fall – chances are we have what you need!

Our Holding Yard is very well-maintained with all of the trees situated on drip irrigation to keep them looking fresh on your jobsite.  We are available for loading here at the nursery or we can offer delivery services as well.  Give us a call anytime to check availability & our loading/delivery schedule.

For the latest Above Ground Availability click the link below. We also feature some great trees on our Spring Sale! Pictured here are some of our beautiful River Birch which are part of our Spring Sale – they are green & fresh… ready to go!

Please join us anytime at our nursery for a tour of the beautiful selection of trees ready to ship & growing in our fields for the future!

Spring Grove Nursery

Even though supply is tight this season, we still have a terrific selection of trees available! Our availablity is limited on certain varieties & sizes, however with over 1000 trees to choose from we are certain that you can find the trees you need for your projects. 

We still have a good selection of Shade, Ornamental, & Evergreen Trees available. Our River Birch, Hawthorn, & Spruce are also on Field Direct Pricing until May 1. Now is a great time to get your order in!

As the temps continue to warm up, the dig window will continue to close on certain trees. Sometimes we might have the tree available to dig even if it isn’t showing on our availability. Don’t hesitate to call or email us a list if there is something you need that you are having a hard time finding. We will double check our field numbers to see if we can find it for you.  Once the dig window closes this spring on a species, if we do not have extra above ground, we will list the next season that we can dig that vareity.

Also, there will will be more trees come available on our list as we pull trees in from the field. Many times we end up digging a few extra here & there to clear out a block. Until those come into the Holding Yard for sure, it’s a bit of a guessing game on exact numbers. Our Holding Yard will be well stocked with a great selection soon. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you this season!


Out in the field things are starting to shape up for spring! Despite this last dusting of snow, spring will be here soon. Jamie is almost done tagging spring orders. In this pic, he is tagging some of our new 2″ Streetspire Oaks ready to dig. Their form really shows off in the winter & we are happy with how the new variety has grown in the nursery. Also pictured are some beautiful 12′ River Birch ready to go. 

The equipment is all tuned up & ready to roll. Our liner orders are set to come in late March.  We are still hoping to start some digging the week of March 14, but we will see if the weather cooperates. There is still time to come out to the nursery & tag an order. Please give us a call if you are ready to pick out some trees for your spring projects.  Next time we check in we should have lots more field activity to report!