"Growing trees is as much an art as it is a science." - Becky Thomas
"When you plant a tree, you plant a legacy," - Pepper Provanzano
"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Seneca FFA Nursery VisitSeneca FFA Nursery Visit (4)

Seneca FFA Nursery Visit (2) Seneca FFA Nursery Visit (3)

We had fun hosting the local Seneca FFA Hort team to the nursery for a tour. They learned about nursery operations and even dug their own tree. We quizzed them pretty hard and put them on the spot identifying trees. They got them all right! It’s no wonder, this team placed 5th at state a few weeks ago. And our own son, Joey placed 12th at state. Great job kids – you are welcome back any time!

Firebird Crabapple Blooms
Firebird Crabapple Blooms

It’s been a busy time in the field these past few weeks! Here is a re-cap of what we have been up to:

PLANTING – All of our new trees have been planted into the field. We received a beautiful crop of trees this year & got them all in the ground within days of receiving them last month. They have benefited from some nice rains to settle them in. We are now starting to go through & do the first initial pruning & structure work. At the same time we will be re-straightening & stomping to get them firmly where they need to be in the ground for the next few years while they grow.

DIGGING – We have finished digging for the spring. All of the freshly dug trees have been pulled in from the field & where they need to be. We dug a fantastic crop this spring & are already making plans for our next dig season this fall.

HOLDING YARD – Our Holding Yard is fully stocked with trees ready to ship for upcoming projects all season. Everything has been pulled in from the field & is now set up on drip irrigation. Please check out our availabilty if you are looking for trees this season!

SHIPPING – We have been loading out hundreds of trees daily these last few weeks. Everything has been going smoothly & we are happy to see our trees getting where they need to be for the season!

FIELD WORK – Our other spring field work is next on the list! We will begin mowing, cultivating, & spraying soon. Our guys will be starting to work on pruning & staking shortly as well. There is no shortage of work to do this time of year!


Cleveland Select Pear

If you need trees for projects this spring, summer, or fall – chances are we have what you need!

Our Holding Yard is very well-maintained with all of the trees situated on drip irrigation to keep them looking fresh on your jobsite.  We are available for loading here at the nursery or we can offer delivery services as well.  Give us a call anytime to check availability & our loading/delivery schedule.  For the latest ABOVE GROUND AVAILABILITY check out our availability tab on the website. 

Please join us anytime at our nursery for a tour of the beautiful selection of trees ready to ship & growing in our fields for the future!

File_000 (Small)
Eastern Redbud

With clear sunny weather ahead we are in full swing of digging, loading and planting in the nursery! We were able to get our new crop of liners planted over several days last week. Click here for more about our 2017 Tree Planting.

We hope to wrap up deciduous digging by the end of this week. As we are digging, we are also bringing in trees from the field to our loading area and our holding yard. Once those trees are in from the field, we will start evergreen digging. The rains earlier this month slowed us up a bit, but it has dried out nicely now and the spring field work is going well. We actually wouldn’t mind some more rain now to settle in our newly planted trees!

Pictured here are some beautiful Eastern Redbud in full bloom. We have a nice selection of ornamentals flowering now like Ornamental Pear, Witchhazel, Serviceberry, and Little Twist Cherry. Spring is in the air!

If you have projects coming up that you need trees for this spring, now is the time to get your order in. Please don’t hesitate to call. Thanks & have a great spring!

What a great season for tree planting we had this year in the nursery! Throughout the last few weeks we were able to get a new crop planted into the nursery for the future. The liners looked beautiful & the weather cooperated well for us. Our crews worked hard and did a great job!

Some new varieties we are excited to be trying out this spring are Urban Sunset Maple, Early Glow Buckeye, Arnold Tulip Tree, Northern Splendor Black Tupelo, Swedish Columnar Aspen, Beacon Oak, Green Whisper Bald Cypress & Musashino Zelkova… just to name a few.

We would like to thank our liner growers who we value as partners in our business. We planted great liners from J. Frank Schmidt Nursery, Carlton Plants, John Holmlund Nursery, Robinson Nursery, Kuenzi Turf & Nursery and Evergreen Nursery

Please enjoy our new planting video of scenes from the field during planting. Now we are ready for some sunshine & rain!

We have lots of beautiful spring blooms popping up around the nursery! Here are some pics from the holding yard of our flowering trees ready to go!

IMG_0311 (Small)
Little Twist Cherry Blooms
IMG_0238 (Small)
Vernal Witchhazel Blooms
File_000 (Small)
Eastern Redbud
File_000 (2) (Small)
Little Twist Cherry
File_000 (1) (Small)
Cleveland Select Pear
Digging Pear in Spring
Digging Pear in Spring

Spring has arrived at Spring Grove Nursery! We are in full swing of digging now. The crews are also keeping up with pulling the trees in from the field to stage for shipping. We are already done digging Serviceberry, Hornbeam, Redbud, Dogwood, Hawthorn, Witchhazel, Sweetgum, Tulip Tree, Crabapple,Cherry, Pear, Willow, Lilac & Linden. The last round of rain has slowed us up but we hope to be back at it soon.

New liners for planting have begun to arrive as well. By the end of this week, those should all be here and ready for planting. If the weather holds up we hope to start planting this week as well.

As we continue digging, we will also start shipping soon. We will be pulling the trees in from the field to our loading area & our Holding Yard.

If you have projects coming up that you need trees for this spring, now is the time to get your order in. Please don’t hesitate to call. Thanks & have a great spring!

WNew Trees for Spring 2016e have some fantastic fresh new trees in the field this spring! Some of the new varieties that we will be digging this spring & fall are:  Amur Flame Maple, Crescendo Sugar Maple, Autumn Splendor Horsechestnut, Dakota Pinnacle Birch, Frans Fontaine European Hornbeam, June Snow Dogwood, Windover Gold Ginkgo, Firebird Crabapple, Afterburner Black Tupelo, American Dream Oak, Cobblestone Oak, Streetspire Oak, Kindred Spirit Oak, Heritage Oak, Shawnee Brave Bald Cypress & Techny Arborvitae

We also have a great new crop of liners coming to plant this spring. Some new varieties we are excited to be trying out this spring are Urban Sunset Maple, Early Glow Buckeye, Arnold Tulip Tree, Northern Splendor Black Tupelo, Swedish Columnar Aspen, Beacon Oak, Green Whisper Bald Cypress & Musashino Zelkova… just to name a few.

Supply is tight this season due to increased demand in the market. But don’t worry – we still have a great supply of trees available yet this spring! We will also be planting a full crop into the field as we have continued to do every year. Our consistent planting schedule over the years insures our customers that we can supply their tree needs each season. With greater demand however, early ordering & long range planning will be a good way to make sure we have the trees ready in the season you need them.

We look forward to working with all of our customers to grow excellent quality trees for many years to come!

Spring Grove NurseryEven though supply is tight this season, we still have a terrific selection of trees available! Our availability is limited on certain varieties & sizes, however with over 1000 trees to choose from we are certain that you can find the trees you need for your projects.

We still have a good selection of Shade, Ornamental, & Evergreen Trees. Our River Birch & Hawthorn are on Field Direct Pricing until May 1. Hard to find trees like 2.0-3.0″ Maples are also still in good supply on our list. Now is a great time to get your order in!

As the temps continue to warm up, the dig window will continue to close on certain trees. Sometimes we might have the tree available to dig even if it isn’t showing on our availability. Don’t hesitate to call or email us a list if there is something you need that you are having a hard time finding. We will double check our field numbers to see if we can find it for you.  Once the dig window closes this spring on a species, if we do not have extra above ground, we will list the next season that we can dig that variety.

In coming weeks there will be more trees available on our list as we pull them in from the field. Many times we end up digging a few extra here & there to clear out a block. Until those come into the Holding Yard for sure, it’s a bit of a guessing game on exact numbers. Our Holding Yard will be well stocked with a great selection soon.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you this season!