"Growing trees is as much an art as it is a science." - Becky Thomas
"When you plant a tree, you plant a legacy," - Pepper Provanzano
"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Did you know that in Illinois October is Oak Awareness Month? AKA OAKtober as designated by Gov. Bruce Rauner a few years ago. To celebrate, we would like to feature a few of our favorite new Oak hybrids here at the nursery.

For more on OAKtober, you can also check out this link from the Morton Arboretum: OAKtober 

For pictures & descriptions of the Oaks we are growing here at the nursery check out our Oak Photo Gallery 

American Dream Oak – Quercus bicolor ‘JFS-KW12’

50′ x 40′ – This new Swamp White Oak cultivar developed by J. Frank Schmidt Nursery was selected for strong resistance to anthracnose & powdery mildew resistance. As a grower, we love the branching consistency in the field. It also has a great shaggy bark with very glossy green leaves.

Streetspire Oak – Quercus robur x Q. alba ‘JFS-KW1QX’

45′ x 14′ – Similar to Crimson Spire Oak, it is another J. Frank Schmidt Nursery introduction. It differs in that it does not hold it’s foliage through winter. It has wider branch angles making it more storm resistant. The red fall color is another great feature of this tree.

Kindred Spirit Oak – Q. robur x Q. bicolor ‘Nadler’

30′ x 6′ – This Oak is one of the tightest columnar trees. It is a sister seedling to the Regal Prince but with a tighter form. The mildew & drought resistant features coupled with the form make it an excellent choice for narrow urban streets.

Heritage Oak – Quercus macdanielli ‘Clemons’ 

50′ x 40′ – The Heritage Oak has handsome dark green foliage which is very mildew resistant. It is an English and Bur Oak hybrid with excellent cold tolerance. The pyramidal form makes it a good street tree Oak.

American Dream Oak
American Dream Oak
Streetspire Oak
Streetspire Oak
Kindred Spirit Oak
Kindred Spirit Oak
Heritage Oak
Heritage Oak

WNew Trees for Spring 2016e have some fantastic fresh new trees in the field this spring! Some of the new varieties that we will be digging this spring & fall are:  Amur Flame Maple, Crescendo Sugar Maple, Autumn Splendor Horsechestnut, Dakota Pinnacle Birch, Frans Fontaine European Hornbeam, June Snow Dogwood, Windover Gold Ginkgo, Firebird Crabapple, Afterburner Black Tupelo, American Dream Oak, Cobblestone Oak, Streetspire Oak, Kindred Spirit Oak, Heritage Oak, Shawnee Brave Bald Cypress & Techny Arborvitae

We also have a great new crop of liners coming to plant this spring. Some new varieties we are excited to be trying out this spring are Urban Sunset Maple, Early Glow Buckeye, Arnold Tulip Tree, Northern Splendor Black Tupelo, Swedish Columnar Aspen, Beacon Oak, Green Whisper Bald Cypress & Musashino Zelkova… just to name a few.

Supply is tight this season due to increased demand in the market. But don’t worry – we still have a great supply of trees available yet this spring! We will also be planting a full crop into the field as we have continued to do every year. Our consistent planting schedule over the years insures our customers that we can supply their tree needs each season. With greater demand however, early ordering & long range planning will be a good way to make sure we have the trees ready in the season you need them.

We look forward to working with all of our customers to grow excellent quality trees for many years to come!

View More: http://sethmorrisphotography.pass.us/springgrovenurseryLast fall Becky Thomas wrote an article for ILCA magazine about a favorite All Star Plant. She chose to highlight the American Dream Oak – a new favorite of the nursery.  Here is her write up on the tree:

Quercus bicolor ‘JFS-KW12’ – American Dream Oak

Who wouldn’t want to plant the American Dream into their landscape! This new Oak introduction from J. Frank Schmidt Nursery is quickly becoming one of our favorites as a grower.

We started growing this “nativar” variety of the native Swamp White Oak back in 2014 shortly after the liners were available from our supplier & developer of the tree, J. Frank Schmidt Nursery in Oregon. They praised the foliage & branching superiority of the new cultivar so we were happy to give it a try in our fields. We have been impressed with how it has grown in our field & we will be harvesting our first crop next spring.

The American Dream Oak will get 50 tall by 40’ wide. The foliage is a bright glossy green that turns to yellow in fall. The bark is similar to the species with a slightly shaggy look. What makes this cultivar distinctive from the species is the strong resistance to anthracnose & powdery mildew. It also has nice branching angles with a broadly pyramidal shape.  The beautiful thick glossy foliage stays green all season, turns yellow in fall, & holds a nice brown into early winter. The texture in the landscape in all season is an asset to the plant.

You can learn more about the tree on our nursery website at www.SpringGroveNursery.com. If you search American Dream Oak on the top in our search box, several blog posts about the tree will pop up. Most recently, we had the opportunity to visit J. Frank Schmidt Nursery & tour their arboretum led by the famous plant duo Michael Dirr & Keith Warren (plant breeder who developed it). We posted a video clip of them talking about American Dream Oak. Check it out!

There is nothing more American than a beautiful old Oak tree. With this new cultivar of an old native favorite, you are sure to see the American Dream growing soon in our communities!

Here are some links to blog entries we have about American Dream Oak:





We recently went to Oregon for the Far West Show & one of the highlights was a tour of the J. Frank Schmidt Arboretum led by Michael Dirr & Keith Warren. They showed us many new tree introductions over the years & talked about how & why they were developed. Here is a short video clip of a few conversations of them talking about Oaks. We thought it would be interesting to share since we are now growing many of these hybrid Oaks for our customers. 

Their discussion covers some new hybrids like Streetspire Oak, Heritage Oak, & American Dream Oak. They also discuss the importance of Oaks in the landscape from an ecological stance & graft compatibility of the root stock used to make these new hybrids.

To read more about the event click here Oregon Nursery Visits