"Growing trees is as much an art as it is a science." - Becky Thomas
"When you plant a tree, you plant a legacy," - Pepper Provanzano
"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


arbor-day-picWith deep roots in the local community, Spring Grove Nursery is always looking for opportunities to share their knowledge and trees when needed.

Through our popular Arbor Day Program, our Green Legacy Project™, and local Tree Donations we are proud to serve & educate the community we live & work in.

You can read more about these projects below, and we welcome you to contact us with ideas or needs for other tree projects in our community.

Arbor Day Program

Since 1872, Arbor Day has been celebrated in communities across the United States. The tradition of planting trees on Arbor Day has become a popular and effective way to beautify our communities & educate our youth about the benefits of trees. As a local nursery in Mazon, we have been celebrating Arbor Day at local grade schools for 14 years now.  We start out in the classroom and educate the children about the value of trees to our community, and then we let the children help plant the tree outside on the school grounds. We have found our Arbor Day Program to be a great educational opportunity for the kids as well as a truly enjoyable experience for us.

Spring 2017 will be our 14th year celebrating Arbor Day in the community, and we plan to celebrate again this spring with our local grade schools. We hope through our Arbor Day Program to educate as many kids as we can firsthand about the benefits of trees to our communities. Check out the link below to some fun Photos & Newspaper Articles written about our past Arbor Day Celebrations.


 BLOG POST LINK: Arbor Day Celebrations Through the Years…


Green Legacy Project™

The Green Legacy Project™ began in the Fall of 2007 and was a huge success. Through the project, we donated one tree each to 20 local communities in and around Grundy County. Each community received a large balled & burlapped tree delivered free to their town. The trees were selected from varieties suitable for urban conditions that will also beautify the landscape. Many small towns around Grundy County do not have large budgets to add trees to their landscapes every year. Spring Grove Nursery is proud to be able to contribute these trees through our Green Legacy Project™.


Tree Donations

When local organizations have fundraisers, we are always happy to chip in with tree donations for silent or live auctions. Our trees bring top dollar when the bidding begins, and it’s always a fun way to help out a good cause. Every year we allocate some trees to be used for these events, so please let us know if you have a local event coming up that we can help with. We will be happy to do what we can!