"Growing trees is as much an art as it is a science." - Becky Thomas
"When you plant a tree, you plant a legacy," - Pepper Provanzano
"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tried & True Selections From your Growers at Spring Grove Nursery 

Here is a highlighted list of trees we have found to perform well in our nursery and in the landscape. These trees thrive in our fields despite the extreme climate fluctuations we have experienced in recent years. We are always evaluating which selections seem to flourish despite a wide range of extremes, yet still offer ornamental interest in the landscape. Everything we grow here at the nursery is worth merit, or we wouldn’t grow it! These are just a few selections that have caught our attention in recent years:

Tried & True Selections

Our final counts & measures are in from the field so our new Spring 2018 Availability is ready to go! We have another exceptional crop of trees ready for 2018. Our diverse & high-quality selections are well suited for your spring projects. Please look over our availability and give us a call if you have any questions. We hope to work with you this season!

Book now for your Spring 2018 projects!


The nursery is quietly hibernating for the winter.  Our inventory counts are done & we are ready to take new orders for spring. We will be preparing our new 2018 Catalog soon. If you are not on our mailing list & would like to receive our new spring catalog, please send us your contact info.

In the shop, we are working on our routine equipment maintenance & preparing our supplies for a new season. In the field, we go out on nice days & do structure pruning.  Soon we will be getting customer orders tagged in the field so we can be prepared for digging season when that hits.  Our baskets & burlap will be ordered soon and spring digging will be here before you know it!

We are making our final changes to our liner orders are preparing for another spring planting season as well.  We will be lining out a full crop again into the field this spring.

Winter is a great time to visit the nursery & we invite you to come out for a tour. We welcome the opportunity to be your grower this season!

Spruce Winter (8)



Some great green industry events are coming up that you will find Spring Grove Nursery at!

iLandscape 2018 Jan 31-Feb 2 Schaumburg

We will be at Booth #1111 at the iLandscape Show this year. Please stop by and visit us! 

13th Annual Chuck Tosovsky Tribute Dinner Jan 30 Glen Ellyn

The annual Chuck Tosovsky Tribute Dinner is held in conjunction with the iLandscape Show. This year’s honoree is Jim Martin from Martin & Associates.  The proceeds from the event will go to support public policy efforts for the green industry in IL.  Again, I hope to see many of your there to support our industry and our association.

Iowa State University Shade Tree Short Course Feb 20-22 Ames, IA

Come visit us at Booth #38! There is an excellent line up of speakers to get us all ready with new info about trees for the upcoming season!

We hope to see you at some of these Green Industry events this winter!

We would like to thank all our customers for choosing us as their grower this past year. We really appreciate the trust you have placed in us, and we value your friendship & loyalty.  In addition, we would like to thank our suppliers & business associates for their support & expertise. We are very lucky to work with such great partners in the Green Industry!

From our family to yours… we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a very healthy & happy new year!

SGN Christmas 2017

The nursery is all tucked away and ready for winter. A mild fall lasted longer than usual giving us some great weather for fall field work. But some cold temps are finally starting to move in. We have been working on a new inventory for spring and are happy to report another great crop of trees are ready to go!

Our new spring planting areas are prepped and ready for a fresh crop of liners. We also still have some nice trees above ground that can still be picked up for last minute December projects. Looking ahead we are already taking Spring 2018 orders. Check out our latest availablity for a look at what will be available next season.

Please give us a call as you are making your plans for next season!

Black Hills Spruce (7)

Fall colors have finally decided to burst on the scene here in the nursery! The late summer warm temps with dry weather pushed fall dormancy back a bit on the calendar. We saw a delay in the field of trees going into dormancy which pushed back the start of fall digging. However, with a few nice rains and cooler temps these past few weeks, we finally were able to get in the swing of fall work. We are working hard to dig fall orders and load & deliver to customers. Hopefully the late arrival of this beautiful fall weather will not mean a quick arrival of winter! Time will tell…

Fall colors are at a peak in the nursery. Stop by for a visit!


At Spring Grove Nursery, we are proud to have a diverse & superior selection of tree species growing in our nursery. We work very hard to select a mix of trees that are well suited for our landscape while at the same time offer a unique palate of colors & textures throughout the seasons. Our tree mix changes a bit every season, and we are always looking for new varieties to add to our nursery. We seek out the best liner suppliers to partner with so that we can insure that the trees we plant are of the best quality & heritage.

Some of the trees on our list are ready to dig & sell now, and some are still growing in the field. Please check with us for the most current availability with pricing.

On the last page of the link we have a list of “Tried & True” Trees. The list highlights trees we have found to perform well in our nursery and in the landscape. These trees seem to adapt well to the extreme climate fluctuations we have experienced in recent years here in our fields. As we expect this trend to continue, we are always evaluating which selections seem to thrive despite a wide range of extremes.   Everything we grow here at the nursery is worth merit, or we wouldn’t grow it! These are just a few selections that have caught our attention in recent years.

Please click on this link below for more about selections at the nursery:

Species Diversity Selections & “Tried and True” Trees


Did you know that in Illinois October is Oak Awareness Month? AKA OAKtober as designated by Gov. Bruce Rauner a few years ago. To celebrate, we would like to feature a few of our favorite new Oak hybrids here at the nursery.

For more on OAKtober, you can also check out this link from the Morton Arboretum: OAKtober 

For pictures & descriptions of the Oaks we are growing here at the nursery check out our Oak Photo Gallery 

American Dream Oak – Quercus bicolor ‘JFS-KW12’

50′ x 40′ – This new Swamp White Oak cultivar developed by J. Frank Schmidt Nursery was selected for strong resistance to anthracnose & powdery mildew resistance. As a grower, we love the branching consistency in the field. It also has a great shaggy bark with very glossy green leaves.

Streetspire Oak – Quercus robur x Q. alba ‘JFS-KW1QX’

45′ x 14′ – Similar to Crimson Spire Oak, it is another J. Frank Schmidt Nursery introduction. It differs in that it does not hold it’s foliage through winter. It has wider branch angles making it more storm resistant. The red fall color is another great feature of this tree.

Kindred Spirit Oak – Q. robur x Q. bicolor ‘Nadler’

30′ x 6′ – This Oak is one of the tightest columnar trees. It is a sister seedling to the Regal Prince but with a tighter form. The mildew & drought resistant features coupled with the form make it an excellent choice for narrow urban streets.

Heritage Oak – Quercus macdanielli ‘Clemons’ 

50′ x 40′ – The Heritage Oak has handsome dark green foliage which is very mildew resistant. It is an English and Bur Oak hybrid with excellent cold tolerance. The pyramidal form makes it a good street tree Oak.

American Dream Oak
American Dream Oak
Streetspire Oak
Streetspire Oak
Kindred Spirit Oak
Kindred Spirit Oak
Heritage Oak
Heritage Oak


Not only is fall the season of football, hot cider, & changing leaves. But it also the season of colorful TAGGING TAPE! We love to see the beautiful combinations of fluorescent stripes, checkers, & polka dots decorating our tree rows in the field!

We have been busy tagging fall dig orders & soon we will be starting deciduous digging. Once the trees put on their final display of color for the season & go dormant, we can begin our fall dig. If you have an order to place for an upcoming project – don’t delay. We have some brightly colored tagging tape ready to go!

We also have a selection of trees above ground from our spring dig. Several varieties of trees are at risk for fall digging. We dug an extra supply in the spring so that we would have them ready for fall projects. Some of those trees that we still have available are Redbuds, Birch, Hawthorn, & Red Maple.

We hope to break out some bright tagging colors for you.  Our personal favorite is orange & blue stripe for the Illini!