"Growing trees is as much an art as it is a science." - Becky Thomas
"When you plant a tree, you plant a legacy," - Pepper Provanzano
"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." - Ralph Waldo Emerson



White Oak

Quercus alba - 60' x 60' - The state tree of Illinois, this magestic native develops a stately appearance. It can tolerate drought & salt, but not flooding.

Swamp White Oak

Quercus bicolor - 45' x 45' - This beautiful native Oak has attractive textured bark & glossy green foliage. It is well adapted to poor sites and has a vigourous growth rate.

American Dream Oak

Quercus bicolor 'JFS-KW12' - This new Swamp White Oak cultivar developed by J. Frank Schmidt Nursery was selected for strong resistance to anthracnose & powdery mildew resistance. As a grower, we love the branching consistency in the field.

Shingle Oak

Quercus imbricaria - 50' x 30' - This Oak is upright oval in form turning rounded with age. The leaves have a long shape and turn russet-red in fall. It prefers moinst, rich, & well drained acidic soil. Shingle Oak can tolerate salt.

Bur Oak

Quercus macrocarpa - 55' x 45' - This native Oak is majestic with impressive branching as it matures.

Urban Pinnacle Oak

Quercus macrocarpa 'JFS-KW3' - 55' x 25' - The acorns on this variety are smaller than the average Bur Oak which add to the appeal of this Bur Oak variety as a street tree. The narrow upright strong central leader coupled with the mildew & anthracnose resistant foliage also add to the appeal of Urban Pinnacle for landscape & street plantings.

Chinkapin Oak

Quercus muehlenbergii - 45' x 45' - This durable Oak performs well in alkaline soil. It has attractive dark green sharp toothed leaves.

Crimson Spire Oak

Quercus robur x Q. alba 'Crimschmidt' - 45' x 15' - Another J. Frank Schmidt introduction, this hybrid Oak is columnar and can be used as a specimen or living hedge. The reddish fall color is attractive.

Streetspire Oak

Quercus robur x Q. alba 'JFS-KW1QX' - 45' x 14' - Similar to Crimson Spire Oak, it is another J. Frank Schmidt Nursery introduction. It differs in that it does not hold it's foliage through winter. It has wider branch angles making it more storm resistant. The red fall color is another great feature of this tree.

Regal Prince Oak

Quercus robur x Q. bicolor 'Long' - 50' x 25' - This Heritages Trees, Inc. introduction is another columnar hybrid Oak worth planting. The glossy green foliage looks great all season.

Kindred Spirit Oak

Q. robur x Q. bicolor 'Nadler' - 30' x 6' - This Oak is one of the tightest columnar trees. It is a sister seedling to the Regal Prince but with a tighter form. The mildew & drought resistant features coupled with the form make it an excellent choice for narrow urban streets.

Red Oak

Quercus rubra - 60' x 45' - The deep red fall color of this tree is beautiful along with the smooth grey bark. The Red Oak has a vigorous growth rate and is native to our area.

Heritage Oak

Quercus macdanielli 'Clemons' - 50' x 40' - The Heritage Oak has handsome dark green foliage which is very mildew resistant. It is an English and Bur Oak hybrid with excellent cold tolerance. The pyramidal form makes it a good street tree Oak.