"Growing trees is as much an art as it is a science." - Becky Thomas
"When you plant a tree, you plant a legacy," - Pepper Provanzano
"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our 2009 Holding Yard is well stocked with a terrific variety of trees this season!  Check out our Photo Gallery to see pictures of each tree available in our holding yard.  Our trucks are busy delivering, and we are also available to load at hours conveinent to you.  Our trees are kept fresh in the Holding Yard using drip irrigation and regularly sprayed to keep them free of insects & disease.  We can hold trees for upcoming projects at no extra cost and deliver or load them when needed.  Please give us a call to schedule a tagging, loading, or delivery.  We also have a Holding Yard Price Advantage with great pricing on many tree varieties.  Call for more info.

The great weather is finally allowing us to get back into the field to continue digging.  We should finish up deciduous digging tomorrow & move back into evergreen digging.  Our holding yard is coming together as well.  We have a beautiful selection of Flowering Crabs this spring that are all in full bloom now. 

We just finished our last Arbor Day planting this morning – 6 schools in the last three days! We had a great time at each one, and we enjoyed seeing how the different schools were teaching the kids about our environment.  Getting to spend time with kids on days like Arbor Day is a definite perk to being in the Green Industry! 

Luckily, we are almost finished with deciduous digging.  The rain is definitely slowing things up on the digging end, but it is great for the new trees that we just planted and for all of the evergreen trees left to dig.  We have been steadily loading out customers & delivering orders through the wet weather.  As we finish deciduous digging later this week, we will be moving on to evergreen digging.  Our Holding Yard is starting to take shape and we hope to have that ready in the next few weeks.  Now is a great time to take advantage of our Field Direct Prices which are good through the end of April.  We will have some great pricing as well on trees from the Holding Yard in May & June.  Those prices will be coming out soon.  In the mean time… let’s hope for sunny weather!

Our new Photo Gallery is up & running!  We are still working on adding more pictures, and we plan to update it regularly as the season goes on.  Eventually, we hope to have pictures of every tree that we grow in each season in the field and ready for sale in the holding yard.  We will also be adding pictures of the key tree features and shots of the tree mature in the landscape.  We would like our gallery to be a helpful tool in tree selection & purchasing decisions for our customers.  As soon as our 2009 Holding Yard is assembled we will have pictures of every tree available in each tree folder. Enjoy!

Don’t forget Arbor Day coming up later this month!  Arbor Day will be celebrated on Friday, April 24th this spring across the US.  We are expanding our local Arbor Day Program to include 9 local elementary schools in Grundy County.  We are looking forward to planting trees with 2nd graders & teaching them about the benefits of trees.  Look for some pictures soon from some of our Arbor Day plantings. 

We successfully planted our deciduous liners last week, and today we are enjoying a good rain to soak them in!  The selectons we planted this year are very exciting, and we can’t wait to grow these trees for the next several years and bring them to market for our customers. We added some new trees into our mix this spring like New Horizon Elm, American Hornbeam, Perkins Pink Yellowwood, City Sprite Zelkova, and Royal Raindrops Crabapple – just to name a few.  Our kids chipped in to help on their day off from school Friday. We planted over 2300 trees that day, and it was really fun to have them work with us.  We are back to digging as soon as it dries out.  Evergreen planting in a few weeks!



Spring has arrived at the nursery, and we welcome the warmer weather and the new season! Our digging season is underway now, and we are continuing to get customer orders tagged and ready for loading soon. To keep inventory in check, many customers are asking us to yard some of their material for them until they need it. Our well maintained holding yard lets us easily provide this service, and we are happy to work together with our customers to make this season a success for everyone. On another note, our new liners have begun arriving and we are looking forward to planting soon. We are planting a great mix of trees this spring, including some up and coming varieties that we are testing out for some of our suppliers. One of our favorite parts of this business is planting for the future and making sure what we grow now will be good selections for the landscape. We invite you to stop by anytime this spring and see what we we’re up to. Spring is a great time to visit our nursery – you can watch our digging crew in action or even jump on the tree planter & plant a few liners! We hope your spring is off to a good start as well, and we are looking forward to working with all our customers again!